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2015 was a very awesome year for the new technologies and innovations so by remembering all those awesome things that we have seen in 2015. I have selected top 4 technology trends that have changed the way we see technologies. So without wasting much time let's start it

Fast Charging

This is the one of the most common features you have seen in every smartphone in 2015 excepting Apple because it uses its style cable known as Thunderbolt cable. Moving further in fast charging is a fantastic feature for the people who don't have much time to charge their smartphone.By this technology, you can use your smartphone for a longer period of charging very less.This technology is mostly seen with a Qualcomm processor aka Snapdragon. And many you guys know or use this feature by naming it quick charging, turbocharging and many more.

Fingerprint Scanner

Now this is not a new feature that we see in a smartphone.We have seen the first smartphone with a touch id sensor aka fingerprint scanner in Motorola Atrix. And after that, we have seen one of the most responsive fingerprint scanners in Apple 5s.It was an excellent & fast touch sensor ever then Samsung launched its Galaxy s5 and note 3 with a fingerprint sensor and that was a shit a real shit all.It was not very responsive, and it was also very hard to setup for newbies.But after that, many companies started to make smartphones with fingerprint scanners like Nexus, Huawei, Motorola, Coolpad and the list goes on.

Laser Autofocus

This feature is like a blessing for the persons who want to click pictures with their phone.I mean pictures not selfies with making funny mouths :P. This is feature firstly seen in LG G3 in 2014 I think. These features help you to focus on an object fastly, and I think most you are thinking what we can do with focusing on a object and for the answer you can see the pictures below. And now this feature is mostly observed in the Asus laser series

Clicked by me :P (Laser Focused Camera / One Plus 2)

Usb Type-C

Now Usb type-c is a new generation of USB relatively it is based on USB 3.0, and we all know what we get in USB 3.0.It is fast, reliable, can transfer extensive data in seconds and much more. We have seen USB type-C in every flagship killers like one plus 2, Galaxy S6/Edge, Nexus 5x/6p, etc.It is also seen in many laptops like surfacebook, MacBook pro-2015 edition

3D Touch 

This is the one of the best features I have seen in Apple's smartphone. This feature is like awesome.You just have to put a little bit pressure on the icon of the app and boom you will get a short menu by which you do all the fundamental features of the app without opening the app.But for now, this feature is not supported by all apps only some apps like Instagram, stock camera, message and that's all.Hope we will see more apps that will support 3D touch aka force touch 

Top Trending technologies in Smartphones of 2015

By TechnieXpert → Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Today everyone has its email for their personal and other use.I also email :P. But now coming to the point how to get a custom email for free ?.It's not a very huge or a colossal question but yo can not find the answer quickly, but I have got the answer, and now I am here to share that answer with you guys and to go straightforward you can just get your custom domain with and free sounds interesting right!. So now the question arises how you can get it ?.If you are having these types of question in your mind then. No problem it's our duty to clarify you're all doubts so here are the steps how you can apply for a custom email .So guys let get started

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Sign up option
  3. Fill the whole form as described
  4. Rock On
  5. It's completed now you can enjoy a custom email.

Sounds easy right. Ya you all were thinking so but if you are facing some problem in doing all these things you can check out the video given below for more information

How to get a custom email for free 2015

By TechnieXpert → Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 was a very excellent year for games like Assination Creed Syndicate, Call of Duty Back Ops 3, Fallout four and much more and also for the gadgets like Moto 360 v2, Apple watch, Yuphoria (my favourite budget Android) and much more.It was also an awful year for tech lovers.We found several stupid and weird ideas, fails gadgets and failed in 2015.So here some of the strangest problems and ideas we found in 2015.

Batman: Arkham knight's PC Port

Now talking about the Batman then its previous games in PCs were awesome.I mean they were just like wow!.The graphics were awesome, and I always love the Batmobile and this series it killing!.But if we talk of PC gameplay or gaming experience then it is just like hell.Our fears were confirmed with a horrible experience that hasn't changed after many a patch, and the game was even pulled from Steam to be fixed. It reached a point where Warner Bros has issued refunds. Needless to say, the next Batman game won't be as popular on PC as it should due to the irreparable damage caused by cutting corners in developing it for a rabid fanbase. It's tragic considering how good the game is, on consoles.

Being Exclusive on E-commerce (Games & Gadgets)

Think if you love something and you to be in a very long line then how you would feel.It is not a tough question you will fell just a most unlucky person in the whole world, and that is going.In India FIFA and metal gear had launched their new arrivals by selling them on Amazon India which was very high for the persons who bought from there but for sometime because Fifa was started very late in India as compared to its original releasing and that was just like hell for the most of the gamers who don't have faster internet to download it directly to their console and for those who can not export original DVDs from outside.

Xiaomi Mi 4 (tremendously Worst Phone ever)

I have used this smartphone, and that was my biggest mistake.I have ever done because it costs me about 15k that somewhat very great for the specs that the smartphone was giving at that time but after a week of use it its quality.After a week on Saturday, I was just using it and suddenly my screen gone black.I was surprised.It was not only mine problem.I have searched the whole internet, and I have found every 6th person who was using Mi4 was facing that problem, and that made me crazy!.I hereby declare Xiaomi Mi4 the worst smartphone of 2015 but I don't have company with the whole company because they make some of the most impressive stuff which I and most of the persons in the world use like Red 2/Prime, Mi Band, Mi lamp, Xoami 4k Television and much more (I also use Red 2 Prime as my daily driver) 

Samsungs On and J series (Don't pay for a Good Screen)

Think in your mind.Do you want to spend 2 or 3k more for just a good screen and a funky back if yes then you can make a mistake to buy a J or On series smartphones because they just only have that?I am mean the only special thing they have in is only Super AMOLED screen That's all and if you specs hungry person like me then there are lots of smartphones that are in the same budget but gives much better specs as compared to J and On series of Samsung.

That's all guys hope you have liked my post and if you liked my post, then please share your own experiences with some weird gadgets you have seen or used and don't forget to comment and subscribe me. 

The worst technology Faills of 2015

By TechnieXpert → Saturday, December 12, 2015

Google revealed earlier this week that 71.6% of Android users were still using the pre-Lollipop version of the OS. The divisions are as follows: 36.6% of devices are still running Android 4.4 KitKat while a 26.9% of users are still running various versions of Jelly Bean. While the latter was released in 2012 and hasn’t seen an update since October 2013, the former first arrived two years ago.Google Android OS

As for iOS users, a massive 70% of them are running iOS 9 which came out only in September this year. Additionally, iOS 8 is being used to run about 92% Apple devices; an OS released not more than 16 months ago.

Though Android 6.0 Marshmallow has enough things to like about it, many users will have to wait another couple of months before they can run it on their devices. The contrast between iOS and Android updates offers an interesting picture. Perhaps the inertia and stagnation that sets in once the users become accustomed to running a particular OS make them shy away from updates. Other than the availability of the OS what else do you think could keep users away from upgrading their Android devices?

Now in my real time, I am also using Android Kitkat 4.4.4 in my Redmi 2 Prime because it is the most stable version of Android.I also use 6.0.1 in my Micromax Android One (Sprout).I found it quite disappointing because it lots of bugs like sometimes it blurs the whole display while you are launching app drawer (it sucks sometimes) and we all use our smartphone while its full battery is drained and think if your battery can't last longer!.The big reason to worry and that is what is found in Android M (6.0.1).That's why I am using a custom ROM in my sprout with a custom kernel that is helping a lot for making my battery last longer and if you have to 

Most of Android are still running on Old Android versions

By TechnieXpert → Friday, December 11, 2015

Aple has created yet another accessory and this time it is for the USB 3.0 port on the Apple iPad Pro. This Lightning to SD Card Reader, which is available at Apple’s online store, will allow the user to transfer media directly from their digital camera to the iPad Pro at USB 3 speeds. This device will also allow you to transfer data from other Apple iPad models and iPhones at USB 2 speeds.

The accessory that costs $29 will allow you to transfer data ten times faster than USB 2.0 and supports images using JPEG and RAW. To add to that, it also works on SD and HD video formats. How this works is, once you microSD card from your camera is inserted into the card reader, the Photo app on your iPhone or iPad will automatically open. These Photos are divided into Moments, Collections, and Years that you can store in the iCloud and limit those who can view your data with iCloud Photo sharing.

Apart from this accessory Apple had also just revealed a Smart Battery Case for iPhone’s battery issues and now this. Looks like Apple is recognizing its faults and making amends before anybody else does.

This is a very good news for the persons who want to expand their iphone storage as because before it you need to buy a sandisk Ixpand pendirive which is having an lightning adapter by which you can connect your iphone to the Pendrive and that is very expensive as you have to pay about 40 USD for a 16 gig varient which a very bad deal in my opinion but after this you don't need to worry about the storage you occupy by clicking pictures!.I also love to click pictures with my phone not a Iphone this time.

Apple is soon going to launch a SD card reader with a lightning cable for Apple IPADS and IPHONES

By TechnieXpert → Thursday, December 10, 2015

Xiaomi may not have revealed launch date of the Mi 5 flagship smartphone. But the company has been buzzing social media with claims that the handset will be "worth the wait" and is "very, very good". A new leak tips that the company may launch the Mi 5 smartphone next year on January 21.

A Weibo tipster claims that Xiaomi will launch two versions of the Mi 5 - one priced at CNY 1,999 (approximately Rs. 20,800) and another at CNY 2,499 (approximately Rs. 26,000). It also claims some of the features of the Mi 5 smartphone including a pressure-sensitive touchscreen, which is in-line with an earlier report that claimed Mi 5 will debut Apple's 3D Touch-like pressure sensitive technology. The Weibo tipster also claims that Mi 5 will be the company's first smartphone running Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The Weibo tipster has also posted an image that purportedly shows the Mi 5 smartphone. If this picture is accurate, then the Mi 5 will be the first handset in Xiaomi's lineup to sport a physical button. In-line with several previous leaks, the physical home button on the display is likely to serve as a fingerprint scanner.

In a separate leak, Chinese analyst Pan Jiutang has come out to claim that the Mi 5 will not pack Qualcomm's Snapdragon Sense ID 3D fingerprint technology. According to Chinese analyst, the Sense ID is still in early days and is not as reliable as the current technology.

To recall, Qualcomm's Sense ID was launched at MWC and was claimed to be more secure than current implementations thanks to the ability to generate highly detailed 3D fingerprint maps with recognised patterns of sweat glands and ridges.

Based on leaks, the Xiaomi Mi 5 is said to pack an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 v2.1 SoC. However, a separate report had recently claimed that due to a delay in Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 chipsets, Xiaomi may opt for MediaTek deca-core Helio X20 processor. Other purported innards of the Mi 5 include 4GB of RAM; Adreno 530 GPU; a 5.3-inch QHD (1440x2560) pixels resolution display with pixel density of 554ppi; 16GB or 64GB inbuilt storage variants with no option for expandable storage; a 16-megapixel rear camera with dual-LED flash, and a 3030mAh battery.

Xiaomi's Mi5 [LEAKED][SPECS]Should launch on 21 JANUARY

By TechnieXpert → Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Today most of us just want to be a geek even they don't know what is meant by geek (sounds weird but it is a fact !).Now the post that you are reading right now is having some of the tricks that should be known by a Geek and remember you can't be a geek in one day or by just reading this post.For becoming a real geek you just need to see our previous posts also. ;) Check them Out!

Read and Understand Your Resource Usage

When your computer starts acting a little slow, a lot of people jump to their resource monitor to see what’s causing problems.Like most of the times, it occurs when you are burning a Cd or just producing a video by any video editing software.This is common at that time but if it is occurring without any of the background processes, then this would a problem.I would recommend you to restart your Pc and then do a full clean by any cleaning software like Advance System Care or Clean Master Its upon you what you would choose 

 Run Everything on a Schedule

If you try to do everything on time like scanning PC,running cleaner,sending mail then you are the biggest fool in the world as PC can't support all these features in one time and this could make the PC hardware unresponsive and also it makes the windows laggy and this is the big reason to worry.And for this you have a magic in your hand that is windows scheduler it can schedule any software for doing work and also reminds you to do work 

Learn How to Crack a Password and how to Protect yourself

Every knows how to make a secure password but there are some persons who go beyond the expectations and learn how to crack someone's password.And we all know that a maker always knows how to break it and vice-versa.

Some Day-To-Day Tricks!

  • Creating an Invisible Folder
  1. Right click the targeted folder and select properties.
  2.  Now navigate to customise tab and select change icon.
  3. Just select the icon located next to windows CD icon as shown below.
  4. Now we need to hide our folder name, so right-click the folder and select rename.
  5. Now hit alt key and type 0160 or 255.
  6. Just leave the alt key and hit enter.
  7. Your invisible folder is ready.

Note – To find your invisible folder just hit ctrl+A and all your folders will get selected. Now you can easily locate the hidden folder.

  • Hide Your Drives in Windows 
  1. Click start and search for cmd.
  2. Right click cmd and click on run as administrator.
  3. This will launch a command prompt with administrative access.
  4. Now type diskpart and hit enter.
  5. Then type list volume to get the list of all your drives
  6. Now select the drive that you want to hide.
  7. So type select volume n (n is the volume number against the drive you wish to hide). For Ex - select volume 1.
  8. Now type remove letter C (C is a drive letter) and hit enter. For Ex - remove letter C (this will hide c drive)
  9. That’s it; now your drive is hidden
  • How to Unhide the Hidden Drive?
  1. Again click start and search for cmd.
  2. Right click cmd and select run as administrator.
  3. Now type disk part and hit enter.
  4. Then type list volume and hit enter.
  5. Now select hidden drive by typing "select volume n"(n is the drive number against the drive you want to unhide). For Ex – select volume 2.
  6. Now type “assign letter C” and hit enter. (C is a drive letter). For Ex - assign letter C
  7. Done, your partition will is visible again. 
  • Shutdown Pc using Timer
  1. Right, click on your desktop then choose new and select shortcut.
  2. Now in the textbox type shutdown -s -t 10 and click next.                                                       
  3. Now hit finish and you're done.
  4. You can change the icon by right clicking then select properties - change the icon and choose the one that looks cool.
  5. To abort the shutdown schedule simple create another shortcut and this time in the textbox type shutdown -a 

Note: 10 is some seconds before your computer shuts down.

Awesome Tricks which every geek should know

By TechnieXpert → Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Lenovo and Razer revealed in an announcement made on Friday that the two companies will be teaming up to work on a range of gaming PCs in 2016. The specs of the devices are yet to be revealed. Razer has commented that,

[All] Forthcoming Lenovo Razer Edition Products Will Be Co-Branded And Reflect The Edgy Lenovo Y Series Look And Feel With Iconic Razer Elements Like Customizable Chroma Lighting Effects.

Additionally, Razer has also mentioned that it’s working on more than just PCs and will “double down efforts to fast-track the development of new technologies, including gaming experience enhancements.” 
There will be an official unveiling in January where further updates on the plans of Razer and Lenovo will be revealed. In the meantime, you can sign up on Razer’s website for their newsletter and stay on top of the news.

But as I have found that upcoming Rig, which would be made by Levono and Razer would feature a new generation of Nvidia graphics card or something like that.It would not be a budget Pc so you should think once before making your mind buy this Pc in future because we all know how expensive Razers Pcs are and if we add the coolness of Lenovo then I don't think that thing would be in budget.

Lenovo and Razer Soon gonna make a Gaming Rig in 2016

By TechnieXpert → Monday, November 30, 2015

Nowadays everyone likes e-commerce aka Online shopping.I also love to do online shopping because I don't live in an enormous town, so I am unable to get what I require hence it is best for me! Now coming to a topic let's see a story

Mr.Shyam is a die heart technology lover.He always tries to buy every latest gadget he found in the markets his friends and his family always try to make him aware of what he is doing, but he don't care about it! (I know he is the biggest dumb person in the world).Then after a month he got this credit card bill, and he was shocked by the statement as the amount of money he has to pay was very HUGE!

So what we have learnt from the above topic is not very complicated even a child of one year can understand this (Na !he can't understand) but in short most of the geeks use to waste their money on buying some weird and dumb things that they don't actually required, and if they are intelligent then I am damn sure they would not make this type of mistakes.

Buying what they don't really want!

This is most common problem found in every geek as we all love gadgets, but sometimes this take them to a big trouble as most of the times if they have money they just waste that money on some awesome gadgets, but sometimes they just lose that money on a piece of Shit!.And this only a tiny problem so if you think it is a subtle problem then think if you got struck a Card Dropping aka your credit card would be locked and you have to pay more than your money.(I can't explain what you will face )

Treating Cash as it will grow Again!

Have you played some casual games like Boom Beach, aclash of clans and other loose titles? You have been seen in these games as you have got a resource by which you get gold on a daily basis but unfortunately this can not happen in reality but some of our dear geeky friends don't care about money which will make troubles in their life.As they don't think about saving money for future use 

Not Shopping Online (Such a Dumb Idea)

I’m shocked at the number of geeks I know who spend all day online and then go to Best Buy to buy electronics. This doesn’t apply to every geek, of course, as many have discovered the deals at Newegg, Amazon, Woot, etc.
When shopping online, don’t buy something just because it’s a deal. Do you need two mp3 players (but it was $20 you say!)? No.

Solution: Once you’ve decided on a purchase, use My Simon or Google Product Search (formerly Froogle) to find the lowest price or try a coupon finder like a deal locker.

In Last

I don't know what you are thinking about this post but I am damn sure it will help you to overcome from your excessive geekiness.So you can save more from your daily budget and I am sure if you follow these steps it will help you in your future 

How a geek can do mistakes in buying gadgets

By TechnieXpert → Sunday, November 29, 2015