Awesome Tricks which every geek should know

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Today most of us just want to be a geek even they don't know what is meant by geek (sounds weird but it is a fact !).Now the post that you are reading right now is having some of the tricks that should be known by a Geek and remember you can't be a geek in one day or by just reading this post.For becoming a real geek you just need to see our previous posts also. ;) Check them Out!

Read and Understand Your Resource Usage

When your computer starts acting a little slow, a lot of people jump to their resource monitor to see what’s causing problems.Like most of the times, it occurs when you are burning a Cd or just producing a video by any video editing software.This is common at that time but if it is occurring without any of the background processes, then this would a problem.I would recommend you to restart your Pc and then do a full clean by any cleaning software like Advance System Care or Clean Master Its upon you what you would choose 

 Run Everything on a Schedule

If you try to do everything on time like scanning PC,running cleaner,sending mail then you are the biggest fool in the world as PC can't support all these features in one time and this could make the PC hardware unresponsive and also it makes the windows laggy and this is the big reason to worry.And for this you have a magic in your hand that is windows scheduler it can schedule any software for doing work and also reminds you to do work 

Learn How to Crack a Password and how to Protect yourself

Every knows how to make a secure password but there are some persons who go beyond the expectations and learn how to crack someone's password.And we all know that a maker always knows how to break it and vice-versa.

Some Day-To-Day Tricks!

  • Creating an Invisible Folder
  1. Right click the targeted folder and select properties.
  2.  Now navigate to customise tab and select change icon.
  3. Just select the icon located next to windows CD icon as shown below.
  4. Now we need to hide our folder name, so right-click the folder and select rename.
  5. Now hit alt key and type 0160 or 255.
  6. Just leave the alt key and hit enter.
  7. Your invisible folder is ready.

Note – To find your invisible folder just hit ctrl+A and all your folders will get selected. Now you can easily locate the hidden folder.

  • Hide Your Drives in Windows 
  1. Click start and search for cmd.
  2. Right click cmd and click on run as administrator.
  3. This will launch a command prompt with administrative access.
  4. Now type diskpart and hit enter.
  5. Then type list volume to get the list of all your drives
  6. Now select the drive that you want to hide.
  7. So type select volume n (n is the volume number against the drive you wish to hide). For Ex - select volume 1.
  8. Now type remove letter C (C is a drive letter) and hit enter. For Ex - remove letter C (this will hide c drive)
  9. That’s it; now your drive is hidden
  • How to Unhide the Hidden Drive?
  1. Again click start and search for cmd.
  2. Right click cmd and select run as administrator.
  3. Now type disk part and hit enter.
  4. Then type list volume and hit enter.
  5. Now select hidden drive by typing "select volume n"(n is the drive number against the drive you want to unhide). For Ex – select volume 2.
  6. Now type “assign letter C” and hit enter. (C is a drive letter). For Ex - assign letter C
  7. Done, your partition will is visible again. 
  • Shutdown Pc using Timer
  1. Right, click on your desktop then choose new and select shortcut.
  2. Now in the textbox type shutdown -s -t 10 and click next.                                                       
  3. Now hit finish and you're done.
  4. You can change the icon by right clicking then select properties - change the icon and choose the one that looks cool.
  5. To abort the shutdown schedule simple create another shortcut and this time in the textbox type shutdown -a 

Note: 10 is some seconds before your computer shuts down.

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