Top Trending technologies in Smartphones of 2015

By Unknown → Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 was a very awesome year for the new technologies and innovations so by remembering all those awesome things that we have seen in 2015. I have selected top 4 technology trends that have changed the way we see technologies. So without wasting much time let's start it

Fast Charging

This is the one of the most common features you have seen in every smartphone in 2015 excepting Apple because it uses its style cable known as Thunderbolt cable. Moving further in fast charging is a fantastic feature for the people who don't have much time to charge their smartphone.By this technology, you can use your smartphone for a longer period of charging very less.This technology is mostly seen with a Qualcomm processor aka Snapdragon. And many you guys know or use this feature by naming it quick charging, turbocharging and many more.

Fingerprint Scanner

Now this is not a new feature that we see in a smartphone.We have seen the first smartphone with a touch id sensor aka fingerprint scanner in Motorola Atrix. And after that, we have seen one of the most responsive fingerprint scanners in Apple 5s.It was an excellent & fast touch sensor ever then Samsung launched its Galaxy s5 and note 3 with a fingerprint sensor and that was a shit a real shit all.It was not very responsive, and it was also very hard to setup for newbies.But after that, many companies started to make smartphones with fingerprint scanners like Nexus, Huawei, Motorola, Coolpad and the list goes on.

Laser Autofocus

This feature is like a blessing for the persons who want to click pictures with their phone.I mean pictures not selfies with making funny mouths :P. This is feature firstly seen in LG G3 in 2014 I think. These features help you to focus on an object fastly, and I think most you are thinking what we can do with focusing on a object and for the answer you can see the pictures below. And now this feature is mostly observed in the Asus laser series

Clicked by me :P (Laser Focused Camera / One Plus 2)

Usb Type-C

Now Usb type-c is a new generation of USB relatively it is based on USB 3.0, and we all know what we get in USB 3.0.It is fast, reliable, can transfer extensive data in seconds and much more. We have seen USB type-C in every flagship killers like one plus 2, Galaxy S6/Edge, Nexus 5x/6p, etc.It is also seen in many laptops like surfacebook, MacBook pro-2015 edition

3D Touch 

This is the one of the best features I have seen in Apple's smartphone. This feature is like awesome.You just have to put a little bit pressure on the icon of the app and boom you will get a short menu by which you do all the fundamental features of the app without opening the app.But for now, this feature is not supported by all apps only some apps like Instagram, stock camera, message and that's all.Hope we will see more apps that will support 3D touch aka force touch 

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