The worst technology Faills of 2015

By Unknown → Saturday, December 12, 2015

2015 was a very excellent year for games like Assination Creed Syndicate, Call of Duty Back Ops 3, Fallout four and much more and also for the gadgets like Moto 360 v2, Apple watch, Yuphoria (my favourite budget Android) and much more.It was also an awful year for tech lovers.We found several stupid and weird ideas, fails gadgets and failed in 2015.So here some of the strangest problems and ideas we found in 2015.

Batman: Arkham knight's PC Port

Now talking about the Batman then its previous games in PCs were awesome.I mean they were just like wow!.The graphics were awesome, and I always love the Batmobile and this series it killing!.But if we talk of PC gameplay or gaming experience then it is just like hell.Our fears were confirmed with a horrible experience that hasn't changed after many a patch, and the game was even pulled from Steam to be fixed. It reached a point where Warner Bros has issued refunds. Needless to say, the next Batman game won't be as popular on PC as it should due to the irreparable damage caused by cutting corners in developing it for a rabid fanbase. It's tragic considering how good the game is, on consoles.

Being Exclusive on E-commerce (Games & Gadgets)

Think if you love something and you to be in a very long line then how you would feel.It is not a tough question you will fell just a most unlucky person in the whole world, and that is going.In India FIFA and metal gear had launched their new arrivals by selling them on Amazon India which was very high for the persons who bought from there but for sometime because Fifa was started very late in India as compared to its original releasing and that was just like hell for the most of the gamers who don't have faster internet to download it directly to their console and for those who can not export original DVDs from outside.

Xiaomi Mi 4 (tremendously Worst Phone ever)

I have used this smartphone, and that was my biggest mistake.I have ever done because it costs me about 15k that somewhat very great for the specs that the smartphone was giving at that time but after a week of use it its quality.After a week on Saturday, I was just using it and suddenly my screen gone black.I was surprised.It was not only mine problem.I have searched the whole internet, and I have found every 6th person who was using Mi4 was facing that problem, and that made me crazy!.I hereby declare Xiaomi Mi4 the worst smartphone of 2015 but I don't have company with the whole company because they make some of the most impressive stuff which I and most of the persons in the world use like Red 2/Prime, Mi Band, Mi lamp, Xoami 4k Television and much more (I also use Red 2 Prime as my daily driver) 

Samsungs On and J series (Don't pay for a Good Screen)

Think in your mind.Do you want to spend 2 or 3k more for just a good screen and a funky back if yes then you can make a mistake to buy a J or On series smartphones because they just only have that?I am mean the only special thing they have in is only Super AMOLED screen That's all and if you specs hungry person like me then there are lots of smartphones that are in the same budget but gives much better specs as compared to J and On series of Samsung.

That's all guys hope you have liked my post and if you liked my post, then please share your own experiences with some weird gadgets you have seen or used and don't forget to comment and subscribe me. 
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