How a geek can do mistakes in buying gadgets

By Unknown → Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nowadays everyone likes e-commerce aka Online shopping.I also love to do online shopping because I don't live in an enormous town, so I am unable to get what I require hence it is best for me! Now coming to a topic let's see a story

Mr.Shyam is a die heart technology lover.He always tries to buy every latest gadget he found in the markets his friends and his family always try to make him aware of what he is doing, but he don't care about it! (I know he is the biggest dumb person in the world).Then after a month he got this credit card bill, and he was shocked by the statement as the amount of money he has to pay was very HUGE!

So what we have learnt from the above topic is not very complicated even a child of one year can understand this (Na !he can't understand) but in short most of the geeks use to waste their money on buying some weird and dumb things that they don't actually required, and if they are intelligent then I am damn sure they would not make this type of mistakes.

Buying what they don't really want!

This is most common problem found in every geek as we all love gadgets, but sometimes this take them to a big trouble as most of the times if they have money they just waste that money on some awesome gadgets, but sometimes they just lose that money on a piece of Shit!.And this only a tiny problem so if you think it is a subtle problem then think if you got struck a Card Dropping aka your credit card would be locked and you have to pay more than your money.(I can't explain what you will face )

Treating Cash as it will grow Again!

Have you played some casual games like Boom Beach, aclash of clans and other loose titles? You have been seen in these games as you have got a resource by which you get gold on a daily basis but unfortunately this can not happen in reality but some of our dear geeky friends don't care about money which will make troubles in their life.As they don't think about saving money for future use 

Not Shopping Online (Such a Dumb Idea)

I’m shocked at the number of geeks I know who spend all day online and then go to Best Buy to buy electronics. This doesn’t apply to every geek, of course, as many have discovered the deals at Newegg, Amazon, Woot, etc.
When shopping online, don’t buy something just because it’s a deal. Do you need two mp3 players (but it was $20 you say!)? No.

Solution: Once you’ve decided on a purchase, use My Simon or Google Product Search (formerly Froogle) to find the lowest price or try a coupon finder like a deal locker.

In Last

I don't know what you are thinking about this post but I am damn sure it will help you to overcome from your excessive geekiness.So you can save more from your daily budget and I am sure if you follow these steps it will help you in your future 
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  1. I often do this mistakes, I sometimes feel really bad for wasting my money on a undeserved product. Good Guide Shubham

    1. Thanks Nafees for this comment for this comment and for latest update Subscribe ME :)