Play PSP games On Android Smartphones with low SPECS

By Unknown → Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Play PSP games On Android Smartphones with low SPECS

this is a real pic of my Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3 playing 
God OF War Ghost of Sparta  

Hey guys today we are again here to give a awesome trick by which you can save your money in buying expensive gaming consoles like PSP. So if we talk about PSP it is known as Play Station Portable (For more info Click Here)

As in India we don't have much money to expense only on a gaming console (most of the persons and me too) so they sacrifice that console.

So first of all you are thinking what is console so let me clear your doubt that console is  type of and electrical equipment which is made only for some specific thing like here we are talking about gaming consoles then the gaming consoles are only made for gaming Ea.: PSP,PS3,XBOX etc.

What you need to play PSP games on smartphones

  1. An arc reactor
  2. a iron man suit
  3. a neuron schema of CHITTI
  4. and a nuclear reactor 

.naaaaaah you don't require any of the above things I was just kidding. So for play a psp game in android smartphone you require a mid o low end smartphone having minimum 1 GHz dual core processor with a 512mb ram.
You can get better Frame rate if you have a better phone i have got 30 fps Permanent. In my Micromax Canvas A1 having 1.4 GHz mediatek processor with 1 GB ram running on 5.1.1 lollipop
(In my Samsung galaxy s duos 3. I have to reduce some graphics then i was getting 15-20 fps on smartphone)

So we require an app known as PPSSPP emulator which you can get from the play store.

How to start game on Smartphone

So for staring we have to install PPSSPP on or android device and a working psp rom (here I am using Need for Speed Most Wanted)

So install which app you like but in my opinion you should install paid version because in which you can customize you ui from up to bottom like you can place the game pad on the location where you want .After installing you will get the app in app drawer then start the app and locate your psp rom you can Google the psp rom you want or you can use my Need For Speed Most Wanted 80 mb only Click Here

So after downloading the game file you have to place it on sd card >>PSP>>Game>>Here
after pasting here open ppsspp emulator and then then go to the previous location

As you can see here we have our game file now play your game when you want and seriously I am loving this game .Here are some screenshots of the game

Here you can see how many fps i am getting in my android tablet nexus 7 and i haven't did any type of lags in gameplay and we are also post a gameplay video on YouTube because we are having some ISP problems.

Last Words for author

If you love our work and you want that this trick reach to your and friends and their friends then please please share it so everyone can know this tricks and use this trick to save their money so they can invest it on any other things
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