What you shold think before buying a Smartphone

By Unknown → Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hello to everyone my name is name is shubham rawat and I am here to make aware about points you should clear before buying a smart phone. Like in our daily life we require Smartphone (not necessary but necessary). And I think you are thinking why it is necessary if it is not necessary as by reading most of you understand why it is necessary. Like Smartphone had became a craze in youngsters and elders also so, they can be connected to virtual world whole time for chatting(whatsapp, facebook,) , playing games, watching online videos on YouTube (most of us),checking e mails ,sending e-mails etc.

We have various reasons for using Smartphone like they
1.      Compatible,
2.      Small,
3.      Easy to use, cheaper than laptops and computers
4.      Can start much faster than computers and laptops.
5.      Can be customized from top to end
6.      All in one store (You can find every app in one place like play store and Window Store)

Note: - Don’t mind windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 which are having windows store
What we should keep in mind before buying a smartphone


  • Like most of the people do this mistake they don’t think once about what they are buying as they see only the box and the image and the brand .And that how we buy a wrong Smartphone. I have found most of the people buy a wrong Smartphone because of brand like they think (most of the people) that Samsung, htc,sony etc are best brand of smartphone and they buy that smartphone which is not having as specs as a cheaper phone of other company is giving to its consumers. So for that we can take some examples which are such as

1. Samsung galaxy s duos 3 (Rs.7500) Vs. Micromax A1 (Android One) (Rs.5600)

2. Sony Xperia E3 d2212 (Rs.9000) Vs. Intex Aqua Power (Rs.7500)

3. HTC 815(Rs.19000) Vs. Asus Zenfone 2 (Rs.19000 but having greater specs than htc)

  • ·         As we talked about the brand there are also various people who very well about brand but they don’t know about the specs like I know various people who know this is this brand this is that brand but not about the specs and by that they buy a wrong smartphone. As they don’t know what is inside what we are getting in this phone so in that case they are totally dependent on the TV commercials and their friends recommendations and As we all say “har ek friend kamina hota hai” but I don’t say this thing because sometimes friend recommendations is right I always give advice to my friends and their friends for buying a gadget.
  • ·         So in the common mistake which most the people do in buying mobile is choosing the operating system like some work on android (Most of the phone) some on windows some on ios (Sorry Only apple ……..) etc. So here we think about our requirements like you are a casual guy and you don’t want to spend very much in buying a smartphones then surely you can go with a android smartphones As if you are a business person then you can go for a windows phone because they have very simple user interface and they a have a better security so you can feel safe about your data and they don’t have any space for third party apps so place for backdoors and malwares and they give a good battery backup so you can do your work for more work in a free place and less work with a connected to a charger And I last if you are a rich person and want to waste your money them surely you can go with apple because it is the company of rich person it have various advantages but but also it is having various disadvantages So………………………………………………………I Don’t want to say anything about apple


I don't want to say anything about your opinion but I only want to say if you are a business person then go for a windows phone or tablet ,if you are a casual guy with not much work with smartphone then go with android phones because they are cheap and you have a variety of options in android phones and if you are a rich person why are you wanting go for a apple device but remember about disadvantages and if you are a geek like me then you know the rest what you have do .

Last Words from the author

If you haven't read the verdict then please it you cold know which you should choose and
Then Do what you like. and if you like my work please like share comment As I always say and please do this so your friends and their friend so they can know what the wrong thing they are doing in buying a smartphone. Remember what I said

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