Why peoples are being addicted of Technology?

By Unknown → Tuesday, July 14, 2015
Hey, guys, today everyone wanted to be connected with technology or if they are connected with the technology they want to upgrade their its equipment.Why this is happening we all are knowing as example I am also addicted to this technology.Some of the main reasons are as follows


Today everyone wanted features & Facilities in their life for example when the first computer was invented named ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer  ) Is First computer but in the difference  of some years after the development of ENIAC the technology has developed various things such like phones,microwave,calculator and now we all wanted everything which is in the market or if we have something and its upgraded model or version is in the market we want to buy that article and i know some of you buy that item somehow buy arranging money and why not if we are getting an excellent article.So it is recommended to think 10 times before buying an article


 Showoff is one of the most versatile reason it industry is making this generation addicted with technology.For example if your friend had bought or assembled a PC then his/her friend will force his/her parents to buy his/her a PC or give him/her money for assembling a PC.So in this case most of the people are being addicted to technology. Personally I am using Assembled PC with 4 gigs of ram with nvida gtx 760 along with 4th gen i7 3.5 gigs processor and many of my friends are being jealous with me because i have a superior PC in all of them.

3.Smaller (Compactness)

as we all know from time technology is becoming very handy as example the first computer ENIAC was required a very large space for installment but after some time PC has came which totally changed the meaning of COMPUTERS but after that people wanted more compactness in their computer so Toshiba made the wold first laptop which can be taken to any where they want . Then after many other companies like IBM and HP started to make PC's and laptops as after that people wanted some compactness in their phones also. So as you can look above to the picture you can see the vast difference in the design,specs,features. So as we are saying people wanted more compactness in their daily life items. So after seeing the demands of the people companies started to think various ideas to attract people to their articles. So after that many of the companies started to make various items and making upgraded version of their previous items. So in that case we all get attracted to technology and got addicted to technology

Last Words

I just only want to say that technology is good it is better get off to it so you can enjoy your own life. We are also connected to technology but we try to give our least time to our computer so we can enjoy our \life and we can spend our time with our friend 

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